barackobama It's Election Day in Wisconsin and volunteers are busy getting out the vote. If you're voting today, check out to find your polling place and all the info you need to cast your ballot. 2y
  •   steelerzmom There will be no middle class with Romney. Just poverty, dictatorship and his attempt for brainwashing the US to be Mormons. What an abomination to Christ! 2y
  •   marta_lilliana @petrichorandtea thank you :) so many people only focus on the bad things but they don't really know how much work he puts into being a pres. And he wouldn't have been elected as pres. If there wasn't good in him or leadership. I just wish everyone could see that!! 1y
  •   madelineathomas @marta_lilliana even if you voted for Romney, you should still support Obama as our president! 11mon
  •   moon.chief YEAH MURICA 10mon
  •   idc.yasmin o_O 9mon
  •   yvette_cortez628 You are a good president 7mon
  •   anna_kgarcia nope 5mon
  •   garrisondavis99 I find this post highly offensive 4mon

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