shrinkle WHO WORE IT BEST? Cat brothers Tako and Maus not only share the same annoying mother, they also share an appreciation for stylish plush hedgehogs. On May 28, Tako was spotted relaxing with a hedgehog friend on a white towel. The following day, Maus was spotted on the same white towel with the same hedgehog friend. 2y
  •   flavourofficial @kawaiiichigo; I just LOLd! It really IS a Blue steel pose!!! 2y
  •   miss_isis1 I would say Maus brought a cutesy factor while Tako was serving fierce couture realness. It's a tie! 2y
  •   njhousewives Loooolllllll. I just laughed so loud I think my neighbors heard . No lie! 2y
  •   njhousewives PS...its a tie. How can you determine who wore it best on such cuties. It's just not possible. The cuteness cancels it out. TIE. :) 2y
  •   geekyvalkyrie Tako seems adorably disgruntled with the hedgehog, whereas Maus seems to have remembered his manners and is far more welcoming. I give Maus my vote for gentlemanly hospitality. ;D 2y
  •   chevygoddess Lmfao! 2y
  •   spazzarella I have that little hedgehog lol I've had it for a really long time. 1y

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