itsdaiisy These babies need a night to come out & play just don't ever have an outfit for them any ideas?? 2y
  •   eyekon I'm sure he'd appreciate it! We men are simple to please. 2y
  •   gilbreezzy @itsdaiisy steezy ass kicks buddy 2y
  •   kamry Omg  those are pretty  I totally want some blue suede pumps. I would say wear it with.. Black skirt, black tank top and throw a white collared shirt over that you can leave unbuttoned in the front  2y
  •   shoestagram @itsdaiisy woww!!! Thanks for the tag...Who makes these sexy shoes and what are the name of them?id luke to feature them 2y
  •   itsdaiisy @shoestagram aww no problem . They are by Penny Loves Kenny . Thanks! 2y
  •   erwiin_ Wear them on the 19th! 2y
  •   itsdaiisy @erwiin_ I need to shop for an outfit 2y

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