burkelife Belmont Park Giant Dipper Mission Beach San Diego 2y
  •   jenifersbody Dope! 2y
  •   suite9 I wanna ride!!!!!! 2y
  •   beatnikflow If you're ever walking down the boardwalk near there and el Carmel court and ever see a guy on a patio deck with a guitar and a girl with a ukulele & singing... That's me I'm a beach bum lol 2y
  •   mango_sweetforyou Nice 2y
  •   kida424 Nice ^^ 2y
  •   burkelife @beatnikflow haha I totally know who you are!! I will say hi next time I see you!! 2y
  •   ohood_t_d Wooooow 2y
  •   scenariojr Cool pic..thanks for your like! 2y

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