jesperfrost Nasty ass spider! 2y
  •   gaga_one argh !! 2y
  •   bello_viver Yuck!! 2y
  •   sdb2092 Ewwww forget the iphone that would have got a straight boot to the face lol 2y
  •   _bethanygreen Eww but I kinda want a pet tralantrula as a pet :p 2y
  •   melebug333 Oh fuck that!!! Cool pick but argh!!!! I'm be freaking out for ages bout spiders now iv seen this WHAT HAS BEEN SEEN CANNOT BE UNSEEN >.< lol 2y
  •   _sarahlang damn thats huge! 2y
  •   s_janina Fyfan, va de här snuskspindeln du hitta på min altan? 12mon
  •   jesperfrost Stämmer! @s_janina 12mon

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