shallee_jean Uncomfortable & my foot is still orange #Brace #OrangeFoot #KillMeNow 2y
  •   shallee_jean @jennafaucett what did you have done? 2y
  •   jennafaucett My meniscus which is cartilage in your knee was torn. The first time I had it done was on my left knee and it was torn a little. Then my right one had the same but it had 2 tears and there was almost no cartilage and the doctor had to put plastic anchors in there to hold it. But one day I fell and we didn't know what was wrong, so the doctor just went in and fixed it, it was just a small tear so he just shaved the tear out. @shallee__jean 2y
  •   shallee_jean I toreee minee to. Its the worst pain ever. @jennafaucett 2y
  •   jennafaucett Yeah. Mine was a birth defect, but I also tore it more in my left knee during volleyball. It does hurt! @shallee__jean 2y
  •   shallee_jean Mine was the way I grew. @jennafaucett 2y
  •   jennafaucett Well and like with my left it wasnt growing right cause like when you grow your knee opens and mine wasnt opening and there was a tear and there was stuff in there that they had to drain out.. @shallee__jean 2y

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