johnnycolt The guy who owns the hotel where skynyrd is staying, has his name on the hood and his initials on the door of his #ferrari WTF. #red #Auto #sportscar #myfivesenses #car #racecar #disco 2y
  •   mrodrigs Berlinetta 2y
  •   johnnycolt Nice one @sanlin70 funny stuff 2y
  •   krissycat17 He actually refers to himself as The Stutz? I have a mental pic of a very hairy Italian man with lots of bling. And that just made me throw up in my mouth a little bit... 2y
  •   chillinquillen Wish i could make it down to see the show. hey the cars from the gumball 3000 rally will have their cars at monument circle on Saturday. might be worth checking out. 2y
  •   sixspeedblondie Welcome to Indiana. There is more than corn here :) 2y
  •   johnnycolt @sixspeedblondie yea there, been here many times.... Don't you have a family reunion to go to 2y
  •   sixspeedblondie Unfortunately, yeah...up in Michigan. I live 3 hrs North of Indy near Scary Gary. Bottom tip of Lake Michigan. The self proclaimed President of Skynyrd Nation will miss Chicago show also in July. Ill b in Jamaica mon'. Slap Cheeks on the ass for me & tell him Kari from Chicago says Hi. Im assuming u have met him already. Never laughed so hard in my life as I have with him-GREAT guy. Hope u beat the heat-rawk /m\ 2y
  •   sixspeedblondie PS: I almost closed my business down today w/a sign in the window "Gone to Indy for a Skynyrd show", hop on my bike & fly down I65 then fly back up I65 tonight, but that seemed like a bit too much? ;) 2y

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