igers You beloved it or not, Mark Zuckerberg is a guy who changed the world. And today he UPDATED HIS STATUS TU MARRIED! We wishes him all the best and to his long time girl friend "Priscilla Chan" 2y
  •   veryunique Nice 2y
  •   stambazzi I'm here to see and post cool photos, not te read gossip!!! 2y
  •   blick_fang 2y
  •   julsijules Boo 2y
  •   nblhmp What??? Aaa congrats you both!! Hey, girl.. You're so damn lucky, right!! To have Mark 2y
  •   ma_vie_est_belle this is instagram not Facebook! 2y
  •   giorgio_cossu I tried to report the post but it's impossible. It's not a private channel to diffuse probably boss private life news!!!!! 2y
  •   evertdeddy #follow me 2y

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