•   one_direction_5sos_news Oh I love you. Love you with all my heart. But Harry is better the her, he can love you better than her, he can touch you better than her, he can speak with you better than her, he can make you happy than her, he can make you STRONG (YOU TELL THIS IN A SONG! A SONG FOR HIM!!!) better than her. He's just better. In everything you need. 3h
  •   _that_girl_molly_ Love ye 3h
  •   hannah_banana9000 @louist91 a little late but you guys are adorable together, whatever makes you happy makes me happy3h
  •   larry.till.the.end Larry is life 2h
  •   jayna_is_a_penguin @one_direction_5sos_news let him love who he wants. He doesn't need you to tell him who is the better lover. He loves elounor. Let it go. 1h
  •   one_direction_5sos_news @jayna_is_a_penguin I don't tell that. I mean they have to tell it too the world! :) 1h
  •   emelyxhs I love Elounor️ fxck larry 1h
  •   missdlyn310 I love you Louis soooooooo much Louis and Louis you are my whole life and my whole heart and you and elounor and cute together and perfect together 55min

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