relish My Grandpa had his foot amputated today. He's already lost one leg to just below the knee. All thanks to diabetes and him not looking after himself properly. He had a stroke some time back and has a weakness on one side, so this is pretty much the end of his independence. He's quite accepting of what's happening. He's a tough guy. Fingers are crossed this isn't the beginning of a steady start downhill. 2y
  •   relish @donnagem Thanks babe! Saw him today and he's doing wonderfully! 2y
  •   relish @sadiemae11 Thank you darling! He's actually doing really really well. He lost his leg up to just below his knee so he has both legs the same now. He's totally fine and was saying he was glad that his heart is still beating. 2y
  •   relish @cimbaro Thanks sweet! No need to try and explain it to me, diabetes is all through my family. Both my Grandfathers are insulin dependent as is my husband. The Grandpa I'm talking about here is on various medications and also lack of exercise of any kind contributes to his stupidly high readings. 2y
  •   relish @michiepoo Thanks babe! I saw him today and he's doing great. His carers will have to move him around now. He won't be able to walk on 2 prosthetic legs but he's fine with it. 2y
  •   franskats It was funny Rell - but I felt mean smirking!!! 2y
  •   catswan Just saw this post. Hope he's recovering at top speed :) Many hugs to your Grandpa and family! 2y
  •   bruceeee Awww Bless, sorry to hear about your Gradpa, best wishes for a speedy recovery my friend. 2y
  •   suzee_2 Sorry to read about your grandpa, hope he is recovering well. 2y

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