miamiheat Mike Miller, Shane Battier and Mario Chalmers getting in some extra shots at practice. 2y
  •   b_fitty Shout out to all of those who r going for the pacers just because lebron is not on their fav. Team.... God bless u all 2y
  •   joshhsoreeuhh Im sorry but wade you are a crybaby sore loser and cmon battier wtf missing open three's ... Im not hating im just disappointed.. How do you wake up after losing the 2nd than losing the third 2y
  •   angelatoro being fun means to believe even if you dont see the score! keep on heat! 2y
  •   roxanne72 Miami heat will win 2012 NBA champions....the NBA just needs to make more money....come on wade only maKing 2 points..smh okay his a great player...the heat needed to lose tonight 2y
  •   jc8853 Good cuz they weren't makin them during the game 2y
  •   elliuaguilos Kudos to chalmers for really stepping it up, the rest looked so lost and didnt know what to do. And wade, I really like you, but men oh men when I saw that huddle w/ Spo...smh... Need to stop being a diva, let go of your ego if you want that title by june! Really disappointed! 2y
  •   angelatoro fan 2y
  •   jonny_da_bomb Heat is awesome 2y

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