ab0mb let's go steal shit from Wendy's there's still hella shit inside! 2y
  •   seekoutlife Get that shit! I'd go for the registers if they weren't all burnt. But I'm sure they got emptied 2y
  •   ab0mb @jason138 dude the counter is like the only thing NOT burnt. Idk I was sketchy cause people were telling me to leave but I wanna go at night 2y
  •   seekoutlife I was there last night and the fire investigators were still there. It'll probably be boarded up by tonight. 2y
  •   ab0mb @jason138 yeah they'll probably board it up today huh? everything's open right now tho ! 2y
  •   seekoutlife Rebel run that shit. Grab your W and get gone. Haha 2y
  •   finsmokeskush Fucking dope 2y
  •   ab0mb @jason138 hell yea nigga 2y
  •   r0achdogg Oh shit 2y

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