finallyfrisco Hey somebody out there! Please put my best friend, Wilson, in my mouth right now! (I think I'll be okay if I was in Cast Away like Tom Hanks. Wilson makes good friend!) 2y
  •   finallyfrisco @yklim Lol you are the first who mentions abt Wilson! My effort didn't waste 2y
  •   yklim We Watched castaway with daddy last weekend :) and we have bugging daddy to get us "Wilson" as playmate since then ...  2y
  •   finallyfrisco @yklim be sure you don't draw its face with blood! Haha 2y
  •   zackandzooey Cute 2y
  •   fridlack Hahaha my westie have the same Wilson ball! And love it more than any other toy! 2y
  •   finallyfrisco @fridlack I know...Frisco has hundreds of toys but he ALWAYS picks the Wilson balls 2y
  •   barringtonkingsley so cute!!! 1y
  •   finallyfrisco @barringtonkingsley Thank you! I need to find a time to visit the beach again soon. It's been too long! 1y

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