christiane1994 Drunk drivers are a disgrace to humanity. I have no putty for The man who just fucked his life up by doin this to pauls truck. Not only did this guy fuck his life up but think about your wife buddy , who's yelling and screaming at u when u stagger in the house saying u don't even know where the hit and run happened! And what about your 4year old daughter sitting in the corner crying, oh, and there goes daddy ihandcuffed in the back off a cop car. Not to mention my own family... #drunkfucker #stupid #idiot #makesmemad! #nopatience 2y
  •   reddeercitylife I agree so much with you. There has been a terrible rash of drunk driving in Alberta. When will people learn? 2y
  •   christiane1994 Yah these people are rediculous I really dot think they will learn untill they see some serious concequences.... 2y

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