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snaphappyhermit Good evening 2y
  •   snaphappyhermit @devshmev hope you had a terrific weekend 2y
  •   snaphappyhermit @vickloui thank you 2y
  •   snaphappyhermit @gmystudio thank you 2y
  •   snaphappyhermit @sushibao thanks ...& yes life is good. I'm glad to see you around these days . I was so over IG but have met so many nice friends here that I just can't run away. I miss everyone here. Seems like a lot have moved on to other photo sites. Anyway keep stopping by 2y
  •   snaphappyhermit @ketaketa thank you 2y
  •   ikuzusikim Aloha Ema! That's okay! Take care! 2y
  •   sushibao I come here every now and again. I just don't have the time like I used to. I was going to start a Tadaa account but have only one photo in it. I started here and it it's not the same but h want left it. I too have 2y
  •   sushibao Oops!! --- met so many nice friends here that I've added them to other social networks (twitter, Path, FB and various games) that I go to from time to keep on touch. I miss the thrill of taking photos and wanting to share... Missed seeing you around and was happy to see you in my feed the times I would come here. 2y

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