sierra_mistttt hmm.. ._. 2y
  •   zschultzz Hitler only had one testicle............. 2y
  •   zschultzz XD 2y
  •   prison_song @meoww_x Lol. He had HIV and STDs. 2y
  •   sparklemotion_ @coming_clean that is what condoms are for derrr 2y
  •   prison_song STDs are also on the testicular area. 2y
  •   sparklemotion_ @coming_clean look smart arse, this was clearly a metaphorical question anyway considering neither santa or batman exist and hitler is dead, but being a 13 year old little pommy biy you probably didn't know that i may of just crushed your world. Wah 2y
  •   sparklemotion_ *boy 2y
  •   prison_song Oh yes. Entirely my dear. You've got it all figured out. You crushed me. 2y

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