•   wealtyfawn6 Buy 5d
  •   wealtyfawn6 @laurenn.cheer but why don't they do the parades in Arizona or Georgia... dumb gays have them in places that actually allow it like California or newyork. They don't progress for their right they are attention hogs. And that dosent go for all of them. And you don't read this type of shit that is just the way it is. And they are alwase going to be treated bad. That goes along with any race. I feel bad for blacks they also get the short end of the stick to but they are different thaen the gays they are who they are and they where slaves. And being gay a a chosen life style. @laurenn.cheer 5d
  •   lmitinnn i'm a gay,i love my boy 3d
  •   dynast_king I do not want to get involved in this, and I'm straight, but I'm just saying that don't you think this isn't the ideal place to viciously fight over gay rights, on the president's chatroom? 3d
  •   alexisamberr BUT, there's is no gender equality pay for doing the same job. 2d
  •   amadoraaaa ily 1d
  •   alainaaa__ @oh_jacobi you can be yourself no if you like cows you can like cows that's you Jacobi go date a cow now 1d

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