•   adammistina Morgan Freeman said: I hate the word Homophobia. You are not affraid you are an asshole. Or how it was. TRU :D 3d
  •   rainbow_eater_07 @atheistpower can you see you brain, no can you touch your brain, no then you don't have a brain! Or even half of one 2d
  •   rainbow_eater_07 @atheistpower go fuck yourself 2d
  •   rainbow_eater_07 @atheistpower god is real you're not 2d
  •   xinlan7495 What does the “gay”mean about that 2d
  •   __dashaa___ Hey Obama! How many rainbow bumper stickers do you have? 1d
  •   mickeylewis @rainbow_eater_07 don't force your religion on anyone. If he doesn't believe in god then that's his belief but you can't just be mad because he's not like you 1d
  •   mickeylewis I see these comments about hating gays, and the owners of these comments are getting hate, and so is @atheistpower and I don't understand. Aren't we all the same? Living. Surviving. Under the food we are provided. Everyone is equal and nobody understands that. Everyone thinks that their way is the only and best way when we were taught that everyone is the same. There are comments about "god" and I believe there is a god but that's doesn't necessarily mean that I'm religious. I see nothing wrong with being religious and/or gay. Because in my eyes, everyone is the same. The only thing that differentiates us is cosmetics, and gender. Other than that we are all humans so were all the same 1d

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