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noh8campaign Barack Obama announces support for marriage equality! 2y
  •   sarahnelson7 God please help those who don't know youu 11mon
  •   _forgiveandforget88_ Tbh everyone can marry who they want.Its not ur life DON'T interfere with it,What if u were in their shoes..Could u help loving that person and getting hated on for it? ._| 10mon
  •   britbox Worst president ever. 10mon
  •   _itss_savvy_ I love our nations leader he's amazing. 7mon
  •   zootown_illa Adding more to the national debt in one term than all previous administrations, pushing socialism healthcare, supplying money and weapons to the Muslim Brotherhood (Al Queda supporters), telling special forces to stand down during Benghazi, and actually not supporting gay marriage until he was actually elected...yup sounds like an amazing guy. 6mon
  •   antonalexander96 But does he anything abouy it? No. (He could pass an act making it legal in ecery statel 4mon
  •   tarakay_97 No they shouldn't 3mon
  •   erin_murphy2015 Why shouldnt they? They ate people in love just like any straight people would @tarakay_97 3mon

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