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  •   sin_witha_grin I'm Atlanta!! 2y
  •   _poppykins @sassisophie13 dang thought you may have been a fellow lady loving lass from down under move to Australia... You're way too cool for Atlanta USA haha 2y
  •   _poppykins @craftylittlebee mel checked the mail just as we were leaving to drop me at work. Best. Surprise. Ever. Showed it off proudly in front of all of my residents and coworkers. My fellow lady loving RN was quite jealous haha love you cousinguts xox 2y
  •   _like_a_bee @demolitionderby hahaha jealousy. Love it.  2y
  •   _like_a_bee @sassisophie13 find me on fb and I'll send you one. 'bees vintagehive'  2y
  •   sin_witha_grin No way!!!! You are from the land down under!! That's so cool! I thought you were from New Jersey!! USA!! Haha!!! And Atlanta, Georgia is cool. The city part! Haha!! I kept wondering why you were calling soccer football. It's all backwards over here!!! my friend from down under!!!! 2y
  •   _poppykins @sassisophie13 indeed I am 2y

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