floydmayweather Follow my guy @andredirrell 2y
  •   youngfloyd Michigan!! 2y
  •   ahlincadet boxing Yung... 2y
  •   p_rico717 your prolly not going to write back but when i become pro i will find u and i will beat u...! u think your going to win every fight? No juss remember dis name SANTIAGO.... 1y
  •   patfair I always come to Michigan to fight at A-sqaure Boxing Gym 1y
  •   sykosyd Flint Town 12mon
  •   henrymann_ You hate because your jealous, and your jealous because you know you can't achieve what he has already achieved. And what he has already achieved is incredible. You always point out the cons over the pros because your jealous. You criticise because your jealous. You HATE because your jealous. But really, whilst he's working his arse off in the gym, in the ring, wherever he is, like he always does, because that is the reason he is at the top, the reason he is where he is, and all you do is sit on your sofa on your phone and hate and criticise. @floydmayweather @bloodyhaters 4mon
  •   danielconteh I'm never underestimating- hunger to succeed again 4mon
  •   mjs_legacy @henry_g_mann shut up you dont no what ur talking about mayweather criticises no onw 4mon

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