krobless Chaplips+playing around=to the lip 2y
  •   _jass9 We are struggling lol! Now quit taking pics off your lips and get to work lol 2y
  •   krobless @jass_i760 it's super dead here 2y
  •   _jass9 ! That sucks fuck it easy ! 2y
  •   krobless @jass_i760 yeah, getting paid to watch I'm coo with that 2y
  •   _jass9 Haha shit sign me up for that lol jk 2y
  •   krobless @jass_i760 lol, but a for sure tell your boy me if there's anything happening this weekend 2y
  •   _jass9 I'll let him kno don't even trip 2y
  •   gdotnelson @krobless who beat you up 3mon

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