•   lusu83 Keep up the good work!are you on midailydiet.com? 2y
  •   361sonya @lusu83 no. What is that? 2y
  •   lusu83 its a social network where you can follow other people's meals & exercises or share your own. Its Got an iPhone app as well!!would love to track you on there! 2y
  •   pizzazombiie I could'nt ever be as motivated as you!!): 2y
  •   361sonya @dukenm so sweet! Thank you. I was 190 lbs after James was born so that really helped motivate me. I was super unhappy with my body and it really fueled me. 2y
  •   pizzazombiie @anditssonya wanna be my trainer?lol jk 2y

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