heathermiles 90 degrees in may. 2y
  •   kathrynkanze Warmer than it is here in Tennessee! Today at least, yesterday was super hot here. 2y
  •   drawingflies Ha it was 90 in MARCH this year in the mitten. 2y
  •   heathermiles @bridonovan_does_arts the world is dying. 2y
  •   drawingflies I like it! It's warm! Canoe trips err day! 2y
  •   heathermiles @bridonovan_does_arts I want to canoe!!!! I want to go to new places this summer. Places with water. 2y
  •   drawingflies Oh me too. I think since I don't have a "real" job I'm gonna canoe the hell out of this state I also want to canoe Austin. Seems allright. 2y

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