the_satan Are you all following @atheistpride yet? If not, you're missing out. 2y
  •   the_satan @mindblown_teleskope hang on, I've got a question for you: do animals other than humans have souls? 2y
  •   nla101012 Don't know. I don't trust it. She sounds scary. Just thought I'd spam you with useless replies. Anyhoo. 2y
  •   nla101012 Well, yes. Animals do have souls. But we have souls *and* spirits. Two different things. Let's not get into the spirit thing until we clarify the soul controversy. Although you can easily tell the difference between our characteristics and an animal's. We have a more complex language system, creative ingenuity, appreciation for nature, religious or atheistic beliefs. Animals just do their things. Their souls controlling their bodies but no spirit to guide their souls. Sounds a bit mystical and fantastical but souls and spirits are just that weird to talk about puppies. xD 2y
  •   the_satan @mindblown_teleskope so what exactly is the soul supposed to do? 2y
  •   nla101012 (I'm a little hyper btw) 2y
  •   shamalamamama @mindblown_teleskope Which verse is it that talks about the souls of animals? Looking... Can't find it... 2y
  •   the_satan @shamalamamama and what is the difference between souls and spirits? 2y

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