enh410 {chambray + hot pink} today 2y
  •   beachbumandbaby Love love love!! Are your shorts j crew? 2y
  •   enh410 @beachbumandbaby yes! They're the 3inch Carson shorts! 2y
  •   lpodlich Love! 2y
  •   mrscocowyse Outlet or reg store? I have the ones from the regular store. Hard to tell which yours are from the photo finish. 2y
  •   enh410 @mrscocowyse they have the same carson hot pink shorts at the outlet at reg-but mine are from outlet. 2y
  •   katiesbliss Love those shorts! 2y
  •   eenerac I dieeeee. This is so perfect! 2y
  •   laurenbmarion I have hot pink shorts too! Love 2y

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