•   flipshit You're a gronk for involving yourself, I didn't call her ugly, but she has a heinous mouth attitude about her. Whatever man, doesn't wanna kik well no biggy, even said that on kik, so ah step off little man 2y
  •   lecontecm @flipshit little man? Lol bro check my instagram And you'll see one of my arms is bigger than your body lol but whatever I'll step off, you should watch the way you talk to girls cause it isn't cool bro 2y
  •   keep_it_classy16 I'm sorry for my language. But I'd tear that ass up  2y
  •   valero_elda (__.__)Spank!(joke!!) 2y
  •   vonbeezles LOL ^^ 2y
  •   aaeki @fckyourebecca @flipshit @lokitounotres HAHAHAHA Best Argument I've seen On Instagram in a While Credit to all You Niggas That's some Funny Shit Props To the Don't Give a Fuck Attitudes haha Good shit Yo Have some Nice Dayz. 2y
  •   __super_man__ Sweet ass!!  2y

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