sixbillionsecrets So there's this girl I know..her name is Raina Palmer. @rainasaur if it weren't for the distance between us, I'd be right there with her, holding her in my arms. Hugging and kissing her, telling her I got you babe, there's no need for you to feel alone. I'd marry her any day. &&I'm not just joking around. I'd be lucky to have her. I have this fiery burning passion for this beautiful lady. I wish I would've done something about it when I had the chance. Raina, I love you. More than you could EVER know. It's beyond my understanding. Baby girl I just need you to think about this. Im here for you. All I want is to hug you from behind and hold hands and cuddle and let you know it's alright. I pray for you every night. I just want to see you recover. Baby, of you'll let me, I will be the one to save you from yourself. Let me be the one? <3 2y
  •   mysweetecstacy I love you Hannurs<3 ur one of my BEST friends<3 thank you so much... U legit just saved my life.. 2y
  •   sixbillionsecrets Spend the rest of your life with me. I'd be honored. <333 2y

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