•   kjungnitsch @distinguishedgent1 I love the one to the right (; 2y
  •   mmminimano Middle one is my all time favorite!!!! 2y
  •   tobbe18 @distinguishedgent1 new"extreme " sweet overrated sport is best of those imo . Extreme was a total waste ...bad flanker fo sure ! Just a way for chanel to make money nothing interesting 2y
  •   frasaflavee The trifecta I always turn to when I don't know what to smell like 1y
  •   distinguishedgent1 @frasaflavee you have good tastes my friend 1y
  •   distinguishedgent1 @tobbe18 idk how I didn't see this comment before. Sorry about that. Yeah the new one was nothing special. Quality yes but Chanel could have done a way better offering with this one. I was disappointed. But it's about sales now. I guess I can't knock that 1y
  •   kinglos813 Editión Blánche is very hard to find... Discontinued?? 4mon
  •   distinguishedgent1 @pimp_c_88 no not discontinued. They sell most in Chanel boutiques or sephora. Nordstroms as well 4mon

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