misshattan They tried to make me go to #rehab & I said yesss yes yes! @jenny86m @meganmerr @lpavlovs @chel0us #vegas #takemeback 2y
  •   misshattan @lpavlovs -you know how much I love #pool parties. Don't tempt me... 2y
  •   meganmerr I was looking at these pics the other day..such a sick time 2y
  •   meganmerr I'll be there memorial day @lpavlovs ! 2y
  •   misshattan @meganmerr I still have the picture of the Vegas grass we were rolling around in lmao OH & the video in the taxi cab the first night (idk of you remember it drunky) haha 2y
  •   borina So jealous! Hope you're having a blast 2y
  •   meganmerr Lmaoo I literally have no recollection of anything ur talking about but I'd like to see 2y
  •   lucy__eve @meganmerr @jenny86m @krypto_nat I say we have a reunion! Mdw 12 2y
  •   toptiernyc Ur There now? Looks Gorgeous how long u staying For? 2y

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