barackobama It's day two of the Voter Registration Weekend of Action and it's not too late to take part. Find an event near you http://OFA.BO/WUQ4sU and share your photos using #RegToVote. 2y
  •   teauna89 @mmaier27 if u don't like him get off his freakin page 2y
  •   thebrycewilliams Bitch shut the fuck up, what bills does your 14 year old ass pay for, you were 10 when he was elected, you don't know shit @mmaier27 2y
  •   steelerzmom U young ppl have nasty and disrespectful words. If you can not be adult and civil, then stay off! And this is y our jails are over loaded with 18 to 28 year olds! 2y
  •   mel_is_wanty The latino vote is all yours Obama. On election night Romney is gonna be sitting in the dark eating a tub of ice cream. 2y
  •   calvinhenninger This is gay 1y
  •   makinulaugh21 Hater 7mon
  •   sarah33552211 @calvinhenninger you are gay 5mon
  •   millvillemeteor_27 To whom receives this message. I was a volunteer in orange county California. And a huge supporter. I was just notified that Pres. Obama will be at Angel Stadium in June. Could a family of three somehow manage to be invited? I would be honored to just sit anywhere inside the stadium. Thank you so much. The Burke family. Angel season-ticket holders as well as Obama supporters. 4mon

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