jakrelucio So, this is me on cam. Haha #walangtulugan 2y
  •   jeanoy Hahahah! 2y
  •   thedanahsoars Gwapo kasi e! 2y
  •   jakrelucio @danananah0213 Nakaka-flatter naman!!! Haha 2y
  •   ryanhazelandre And when naman ito jak?? Saglit pa lang kame nawala celebrity kna?! Talk about good looks & charisma! We miss you guys! 2y
  •   jakrelucio It was shown last week! Pero the taping was done a couple of weeks prior to that. Pinilit lang ako ng director eh. Anyway, exposure din yun. Haha! Thanks, ate. Also, miss you guys. :'( 2y

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