hernameiskim Next on my wishlist! 2y
  •   clataclata But this off the shoulder look is BOMB cuz 2y
  •   hernameiskim Oh I do because that sweater above is like $80 lol! @clataclata 2y
  •   clataclata Lol yea hit up h&m. what site is this, asos? 2y
  •   hernameiskim No it's freepeople.com. That's where all the stuff I posted is from. 2y
  •   clataclata Omg I loovvveee free people but I only window shop because I'm poor . Try asos.com totally cute and the not slot of people in the US use so you'll b super exclusive!! 2y
  •   hernameiskim I like Asos but I never buy anything from there in case I buy something and it fits funny, I wanna be able to return it @clataclata. Freepeople I can take stuff back at their stores. I love their stuff! It's a lil pricey tho so I get stuff on sale or make sure I REALLY like it. 2y

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