jennamarbles Me and my wonky eye are going to play beer pong. Watch out though, it can see into other dimensions. 2y
  •   jash1000 You are my favorite person to watch on youtube you always make perfect sense @jennamarbles 1y
  •   bigcboi I just watched your " draw my life" video. It's weird because looking at your pictures and videos it looks like you really do have it all, but you feel you don't. I feel the same way. Watching your video was like watching mine if I made one. I hope you one day find what you're looking for. And if you do, let me know how you did lol 12mon
  •   karo_lina7 You are super totally gorgeous 11mon
  •   ivc00 Nice eyes Jenna 10mon
  •   danyy_x Your amazing♡ My role model & inspiration! 10mon
  •   district_gondor IS THIS WHEN YOU FILMED THANKS OBAMA XD 9mon
  •   jc_est_1985 @jennamarbles I think you are by far the funniest girl I have ever heard Plus you are dead drop gorgeous jus rite out of this world will you plz marry me lol keep up the good work girl you funny as hell love you @jennamarbles 4mon
  •   mike_85cc Did you meet smosh 3w

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