kingjames Love AirMax 2012's 2y
  •   ogmuddyduddy Lebron my girlfriend is in love with you I was wondering could you tell her happy birthday on the 14th please 3mon
  •   neight21 Need a hook on size 15 or 16 8s. Set a fan up bron check out my kicks I think you will like 3mon
  •   soon_2b_famous_ Hey Lebron my name is Haywood Cannady. I'm in 9th grade. I've been moving around ever since I was 5 years old. I was born in the Bronx and moved to atlanta. Then I moved to cincinnati where i began to take basketball seriously. Then i moved back to atlanta my freshman year. I was the captain of the freshman team at Peachtree Ridge High in gwinnett county. I'm a straight A student and i will be attending Norcross High School for my 10th grade year. I'm considering playing varsity next year. I did all of this to ask for you to donate $300 to my amazon account so that i can purchase workout equipment. Its all resistance equipment basically. My mom doesnt have enough money to pay for an AAU team so i just practice on my own but i want to improve my workouts and become unstopable. Please consider this. @kingjames 2mon
  •   eliotmol @yubacarvajal mis zapatos 1mon
  •   shawn_brooks33 Wasssss goood bron? 2w
  •   jackalger1234 @kingjames Jordan was better 1w
  •   bowlerboy34 Nice 3d
  •   jmoney_the_kvng I have those 2d

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