•   turbenator I want to meet u Lebron biggest fannnnnnn ever 4mon
  •   machirschman My all time dream is to meet u in person!! @kingjames! Your the best in nba and probably going to get the MVP this year! 4mon
  •   lukecowartt Ball. Hard. 4mon
  •   ogmuddyduddy Lebron my girlfriend is in love with you I was wondering could you tell her happy birthday on the 14th please 3mon
  •   morrisnahmias I eant to play with you one on one i am the bigest fan in the worl im crazy for you 3mon
  •   genodillard We call them planks @kingjames 1mon
  •   genodillard 1mon
  •   dominicmessina3 Stay in Miami 3w

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