barackobama We saved you a spot. Sign up to be a volunteer for #Obama2012 in your neighborhood: http://OFA.BO/kqZLLz 2y
  •   jonathandror @jonathandror not wasting anymore time trying to have a DISCUSSION with you, you clearly have no clue what you're talking abt, especially as I was talking about the Olympics that were being held in Utah, not the state of Utah?...goodbye fool, and as far as IM concerned, many of the poor people are the lazy ones collecting government check every month 2y
  •   gisidjck Obama is the leader 2y
  •   redseaweed Not every poor person is lazy there ate millions of people who don't get any "check" to collect and they work their butts off like crazy. They are poor because they were born into poverty and no one expects anything from them. 1y
  •   redseaweed Are not ate 1y
  •   whatupbro120 Obama I like your pictures there nice and you are nice:) 1y
  •   redsoxs_girl1254 No :( 12mon
  •   marianadamyan @xgoharxadamyanx @gayanexgevorgyan look how many weeks ago this pic was put up :') yep and im Stakin him 8mon
  •   litvinovyuriy Что что а Обама хороший лидер - это не отнимешь! 1w

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