•   _sabrriinaa_ Shut the fuck up y'all!! Like seriously if you guys are fans and are following Emily then you guys wouldn't be acting so fucking childish!! I mean seriously her nails are fucking gorgeous!!!! 2y
  •   iiaustinhd Those are really pretty elmily:) 2y
  •   tui.espinosa Backwards?? Looks good… 2y
  •   jadaxdoll Reverse French manicured 2y
  •   angelraneeholbird She's probably reading all this an laughing her ass of cause peop so damn childish! 2y
  •   carolinea_20 Cute ! 1y
  •   maya_vak Ikr @skinnylovvee_ 11mon
  •   machalajc Sooooooooo cute ever 9mon

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