steveberra Day 324 - snapseed - most only want to hear what they already believe 2y
  •   maskedgorilla @steveberra, Lana Del Rey & Axl Rose? It's necessary that you dedicate your next photo caption to that subject. 2y
  •   fitfox829 @steveberra and others fear what they do not want to believe. 2y
  •   normalskrabis Is it me or does your face reminds me the morning aftert, if you know what i mean... Kh kh kh 2y
  •   seandery Hey steve i work in a park in manalapan nj help me get some ranps and a bowl 2y
  •   cameronwelter Steve! Your pics and captions are inspirational...keep me going threw tuff times I don't share with others. Thanks for being a role model sooo much respect 2y
  •   picaso_baby You are a handsome man... All 324 sides of you @steveberra 2y
  •   keysh84 Love the idea of documenting the human life through a daily photo. Inspired me to do the same for my journey through 28 in NYC. 2y
  •   elangotango @keysh84 Check out some on YouTube. They have fast forwarded photos for 3 years. INSANE 2y

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