ritokito Blessed are those who find wisdom. #wisdom #wsdm #wsdmstore 2y
  •   elxxi9o Wow where is this store located? 2y
  •   ritokito @elliepaik hello, this is my humble label in Singapore. U can check it out on wsdmstore.com or follow us on Facebook www.facebook.com/WSDMstore! We're pretty new, thanks for showing interest! And by the way really love ur pictures! 2y
  •   elxxi9o amen :) wow so you opened up your own brand :)! May u bless many through your line. I need to show this to my fellow workers. Did u major in fashion? 2y
  •   ritokito @elliepaik thankyou :) I started the label with my husband actually, just started retailing in march this year. Yea, was from fashion school few years back. So nice to meet u here! :) 2y
  •   elxxi9o @elliepaik I just showed your site to couple of people. :) wow amazing! And yes def keep in touch! :)!! 2y
  •   ritokito @elliepaik yea, so grateful! If there's anything, you can drop me mail at riane@wsdmstore.com! Keep in touch! 2y
  •   elxxi9o Definitely :)!!! 2y
  •   elxxi9o here's my email elliepaik@gmail.com 2y

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