gamze22 Taiga and Layla on our office stool 2y
  •   gamze22 @mowglicat6 thank you very much for your compliments 2y
  •   x_four_furry_friends_x @gamze22 ur welcome 2y
  •   glitterydust How could you make them get along together so well like this???? 2y
  •   shakira4242 I love your kitties too! Trying to take a picture to show how my youngest eyes are changing is hard - he doesn't pose like his big brother ) 2y
  •   sunboom beautiful pictures from the 2y
  •   gamze22 @glitterydust @shakira4242 please forgive me not thanking earlier,İ just saw your lovely comments.İ do understand you,it is hard when they get the way my cats doesn't lie together since weeks,they are grown up and thats the way.they lick eachother time by time but also very is sad but cats are sothanks a lot for your liking anyway 2y
  •   gamze22 @sushaki @sunboom İ am very sorry for not thanking you earlier.İ was abroad and İ just see your sweet comments.thanks a lot 2y
  •   gamze22 @alburquerque_ thanks a lot for your likink 2y

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