warpedtour No Cal, we're headed back to the waterfront in SF! All Warped venues released today on Warped site 2y
  •   morganarnott I wish Warped realized there is more to Canada than just Toronto and Montreal. Sigh. Being a college student means I can't afford to galavant around the continent. 2y
  •   har_monic Dying to go to the sf show.... DYING. 2y
  •   danny_devv No Home Depot Center on L.A but why!!! 2y
  •   xhomesick_ Aw :( I love Comerica Park. Oh well. Is it going to be inside the palace? Or in the parking lot? 2y
  •   marleexo Hell yes June 23 come faster! 2y
  •   blugar Sick 2y
  •   warpedtour Katieydg - in the parking lot at the palace 2y
  •   lyricdc Is there going to be any stages set up in the palace? 2y

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