leobortolotti Back of the T-Shirt that Apple sent me by mail... 2y
  •   oshcar7 so cool! 2y
  •   rapidrainbow Hey! @leobortolotti could you do me a favor and give me a shoutout?! It would really make my week! 2y
  •   xxxfabulousfashionxxx @leobortolotti can u pleasee give me a shoutout!! 2y
  •   wandering_alone_aimlessly PLEASE MAKE PEOPLE AWARE OF Kony 2012!!!! This man does terrible things to kids and he's gotten away with it for 20 years! Thousands of kids have been victim so PLEASE!! Make people aware! The video on YouTube is called Kony 2012 and is from Invisible children. Please make a difference in our world!!! 2y
  •   afashionstyle coooool  2y
  •   ialexworld Nice t-shirt :) I want one.. :) 2y
  •   clarasoergel @alittlelonely I hope you know it was all just a scam to get money. That Kony bitch kidnapped 99 kids, and that guy who made the video "kony 2012" took 90 % of the profits, and the rest he gave to the Ugandian army. And guess what the fuckheads in the army does? Abduct kids and shit. So right now you're supporting childsoldiers smartass. 2y
  •   garotadesorte Parece uma mesa, confere? Irado. 2y

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