unsafealarmgirl Lucy!! 2mon
  •   unsafealarmgirl @rainascarlette Yes she was created in 1881 of wood and tin sheets and is the World's largest at 6 stories tall. She's in New Jersey near the beach in Margate. You can climb all the way up. There's more info at www.lucytheelephant.org There was a campaign to save her a few years back. It's awesome to see it in person. 2mon
  •   rainascarlette Whoa O.O .. 6stories tall ??? Hey btw thanks I'm gonna check it out ^-^ its cool 2mon
  •   reindeerpaws @natmante LETS GO SEE HER 2mon
  •   ayavaldez I've been living in Jersey for almost 20 years and I haven't seen Lucy in person! Great shot! 4w
  •   ayavaldez @inks73 @jckeglueee interested to check her out? 4w
  •   unsafealarmgirl @ayavaldez you definitely should she's literally steps off the beach and you can climb all the way up for a great view 4w
  •   jckeglueee @ayavaldez yes I want to 4w
  •   inks73 Wow...when? 2w

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