Walden Tyler Shapiro
  •   lierinabdo Sick pic by the way(; 5mon
  •   tylershapiro You're too kind, but you should find a mirror ;) and it was my first one alright? ;) @lierinabdo 5mon
  •   lierinabdo HAHA I kinda actually like it... But I'm gonna pretend like I don't and make a dick comment about it! And LOL Tyler stop. WE WERE SUPPOSED TO GO TO LUNCH 5mon
  •   tylershapiro Whenever you want cutie and I know you secretly love it haha @lierinabdo 5mon
  •   lierinabdo Maybe you should remind me because in bad at stuff like that and oh. I do. 5mon
  •   tylershapiro Feel free to text me to make a date ;) @lierinabdo 5mon
  •   lierinabdo I don't have your number! I got a new phone and lost my contactsor this convo wouldn't be public 5mon
  •   tylershapiro Oh we don't want this to be public ;) 9495476408 @lierinabdo 5mon

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