photosrfun4me Garden Greeter 3w
  •   mscisha Oh wow! 3w
  •   gixraffe A white spider? 3w
  •   photosrfun4me Thanks, Cisha! @mscisha 3w
  •   photosrfun4me Its official name is "Misumena vatia." It is also called a Goldenrod Spider and a Flower Crab Spider. They can change color from yellow to white to blend with their environments. I found this one near some white dianthus flowers. "This species has no major negative effect on humans. It occasionally eats honeybees, but is probably not a major enemy of them. The bite of this species is not dangerous to people." @gixraffe 3w
  •   gixraffe Thanks so much for the story on the spider. I have never heard of it before - now I have. 3w
  •   photosrfun4me Sure. I had to look it up. My Mom wanted to know if it was poisonous or not, too. I have never seen anything like it! @gixraffe 2w
  •   chezredwood 2w
  •   photosrfun4me Thanks, Rebecca! @chezredwood 2w

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