mpagan18 Yesterday was my 17th birthday! I have to thank one person in particular and that would be Alex, you have been there for me these last few days with my great Aunt Dora passing and helping me celebrate my birthday. You made my birthday a night to remember, I thank you for that. You went above and beyond to make it special. I wanted you to know that I appreciate all that you have ever Done for me, because I don't say it enough. You are a strong and beautiful person, I love being around you because the energy that surrounds you is very welcoming and comforting. I look up to you, you are my mentor and my role model. Thank you for always being there and for Making me laugh even if I don't want to. I love you, and thank you for everything! By the way I love your shirt lol. #loverandafighter #fitnesscenter #fitness #birthdayparty #17yearsold #hardworkpaysoff #workoutbuddies #friendswhoworkouttogetherstaytogether #fitnesslife #fitnessbirthdayparty #july182014 #summer #besttrainerever #personaltrainer #loveher #cardiokickboxing #pound #zumba #weworkout #strongwomen #iamaloverandafighter 3d
  •   3heather24 Nice IG profile! 3d
  •   mpagan18 @3heather24 thanks 3d
  •   lffitness631 Wish I could've done more! 2d
  •   mpagan18 @lffitness631 you did so much, I don't know how to repay you. You gave me happiness! How much more could you have done lol! I might just have to have more parties there, that's how great it was! 2d

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