•   islandgirlcebu @basquegrl are those places north of spain? Must be so nice. Lots of interesting sights. Pls picture kanang daghan kaayo ha? Promise 1mon
  •   basquegrl @islandgirlcebu .... Lol. I promise. I'll send most sa viber. :-) Yes, north of Spain. Gonna be mostly with relatives. They live almost to the border of Spain n France. :) 1mon
  •   islandgirlcebu @basquegrl ok thanks! Can you cross the border to France? South of France is so charming. 1mon
  •   basquegrl @islandgirlcebu ... Yes can cross. Depende ra sa akong 'driver'. Lol. I have to discuss that with him when I get there. 😀 1mon
  •   islandgirlcebu Great ! Im so excited for you and the boys. School must be over for them. Btw, is Andoni pursuing medschool here? 1mon
  •   basquegrl @islandgirlcebu ... Thanks. :-) Yes, schools over. And yes Andoni is considering it now nga nag bulag sa iyang uyab. He's taking this year off to do things he's always wanted to do ... I'm glad. Life is too short for anything less. 1mon
  •   mykeewarrior Beautiful ladies!! 1mon
  •   islandgirlcebu @mykeewarrior thanks liwat nimo 2w

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