•   dexter_t Fuyoh.. one of ten in Singapore. Madness! I just want to see it in real life and I'll be happy haha 3w
  •   hypethetic @dexter_t ... too bad its sold.. haha.. anyway u should know there's many hidden collectors in singapore with rare shits.. too bad they just refused to come out of their comfort zone.. haha.. hard to dig them out for sure... haha 3w
  •   dexter_t Yeah I know man, they're the only chance I have of seeing these rare samples. 3w
  •   dk_nmdc Omgggg 3w
  •   hypethetic @dk_nmdc .. yeaa OMG.. but its NOT mine and I dont own 'em.. pls dont misunderstood... cheers bro 3w
  •   feekeed Idolll siaaaa 3w
  •   jali_sean Awww~~~ 3w

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