hafiizh_alfarrisi World get chaos right now, so does Indonesia election. I think I become unstable, unbalance mind. Need to free my mind for a little time.

Help us God, save us.

I need holiday. Seriously.
But I have no free time this year.
I miss this place, I miss this moment here with good people. I miss @lemeridienbali Jimbaran.
Wanna come here again just for a few day.

Really a great hotel @@lemeridienbali
#bali #jimbaran

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hafiizh_alfarrisi GAZA CALLS YOU

Do you still remember us? We are still under siege, darkness, and hunger. Medicine is like rare diamonds. Our kids are dying everyday in their beds. There was no place to hide, sometimes we had no place to make even our prayer. Now we have nothing, but pain, illness, and daily sadness.

Do you really still remember us? At least in your prayer? Gaza children and people implore you.

Cukup dengan donasi Rp. 50.000, teman-teman bisa berpartisipasi untuk memenuhi kebutuhan alat kesehatan RS Indonesia di Gaza:
- BCA, 686.0153678
- BSM, 700.1352.061
- MANDIRI, 124.0008111925
a/n Medical Emergency Rescue Committee.

For more details, follow twitter @merciindonesia. Thank you.

Kami juga mengajak teman-teman buat berpartisipasi dengan cara lain. Cukup dengan mengedit foto ini, link RAW foto ada pada bio di profil @rijalkamaluddin atau @hafiizh_alfarrisi. Terus kita upload bareng besok, tanggal 11 Juli 2014, pukul 20.00-21.00 WIB. Jangan lupa, cantumin informasi donasi di atas pada captionnya, boleh ketik ulang, atau copas via line rijalkamaluddin atau hafiizh_5.

Tambahin hashtag: #gazacallsyou #gerakan50rb #savegaza #bridge2gaza. Foto-foto dengan editan paling menarik akan kami repost di sini, tanpa hadiah ya. Hehe.

Nah dengan demikian informasi ini gak cuma mengendap di sini, tapi juga tersebar lebih luas lagi. Let's do something, from small things.


Support by @ikece_indonesia.


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hafiizh_alfarrisi Halo teman2

Kamu suka traveling?
Kalo suka pasti sering bepergian naik pesawat donk.
Terus apa yang kamu harapan dari maskapai penerbangan tersebut?
Pasti keselamatan Dan Pelayanan yang memuaskan.
Terus apalagi?
Yaa makanan nya donk. Hehehe

Saya sih kepengen bisa makan enak selama di pesawat, kan di langit gak Ada abang lemper kemacetan jakarta atau abang tahu yang lalu lalang. Haha

Mau nya bisa makan yang manis2 simple Dan gak ribet sehingga bisa bikin seneng Dan senyum2 selama terbang bersama @batikair


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Normal Hafiizh Alfarrisi

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hafiizh_alfarrisi It's #GAZTROGRAM

Just a little review

So, yesterday I had appointment with my friend talked about business at @bluefoxjakarta

I had a fast on that day but my friend was not. So he ordered the speciality of this restaurant. As usual, we did gramming the food hahaha. After he finished his meal, the owner of this resto came to us, a very nice woman Mrs. Jamie (I hope I spell it right hehe). She asked us about the food and my friend told it was great, the greatest ever. Then we had a lot of fun conversation. She introduced us to the chef which is her daughter, a beautiful young lady Ms. Chelsea.

Luckily, Chelsea offered us an offer we couldn't refuse, a special complimentary burger by Chef Chelsea which is hasn't existed in the menu.

And then WOW, here came the special burger "FIRST DEGREE BURN BURGER" (hahaha we are doctor and understand about burn degree injury). OMG it was so tempting. I COULD ONLY GOT MY MOUTH WATERING hahaha. My friend was so lucky can taste this delicious burger. He said this is heaven.
I asked him how does it taste like? He said it was one level below orgasm and it's so spicy. Hahahahahahaha great description.

And then we had another discussion with the owner. She said there was a secret recipe on it. It was "SAMBAL CHELSEA". The resto decoration is really great, so cozy, lovely architecture, and very Instagramable. You can have a good selfie photo in every spot. Hahaha. The upstairs is so great. You can have a breakfasting gathering with your friends here.
I highly recommend this resto for a burger lover. I will back again to this resto to order the "FIRST DEGREE BURN BURGER" hehehe.

Thank you so much Chelsea and Jamie for your hospitality. What a very nice owner you are.

So everyone please visit and follow @bluefoxjakarta on Instagram. It is located in senopati, Kebayoran Baru no. 6.


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hafiizh_alfarrisi Thanks dear coffee

I'm just tired
Many things to do
Help me God please

You really made my day dear coffee


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hafiizh_alfarrisi SUBUH TIME

Chasing sunrise after shalat subuh.
Run to the hill,
Then I said


So beautiful dear God.
Can't thank God enough for every bless I got.

What a blessed Ramadhan month
#instaxlent #berkahbanget #xlberkahsahur

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hafiizh_alfarrisi #Fromwhattheysee

See the infinity through this bridge. I really miss this bridge, cirahong bridge in Ciamis.

Thanks bro for sharing me this photo @januaragazzo it's an awesome capture. You have to follow my friend @januaragazzo for more great photo.


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hafiizh_alfarrisi Hi guys

Can you guess where is it?


Have you ever visited Makassar?
Trust me, you won't regret. You will find tempting culinary and outstanding paradise.

If you really want it, let's join @BatikAir to Makassar.
You have a chance to win a challenge from @BatikAir to change your life to be more unforgettable.
Win 8 package trip to Paradise.

What are you waiting for guys? Let's join it.

Let's FOLLOW & VISIT @BatikAir for more info And don't forget to use hashtag #BatikJelajahNusantara #FlyWithBatik

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hafiizh_alfarrisi The capital city of #Indonesia

Hello #Jakarta
Hello J-Town #JTown
From what they see

@@mncshop #iheartjkt #photocontest #mncshop

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hafiizh_alfarrisi COFFEE BREAK #gaztrogram

It should be a coffee break time
But I'm fasting right now.

So, does anyone want my cappuccino and macaroons?
I will give it to you for free hehehe. Have a good day everyone.
Good gaztro.

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hafiizh_alfarrisi #jakarta from above

We love this city
This megapolitan
@mncshop #iheartjkt #photocontest #mncshop

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hafiizh_alfarrisi Waiting for break fasting first day

Ancol, #jakarta bay city

What are you doing while waiting for break a fast today?

I prefer took my cousin to a theme park, fantasy world in #ancol.
And have some fun. Fun sunset in the city. What about you? (Took with iPhone only)
@mncshop #iheartjkt #photocontest #mncshop

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hafiizh_alfarrisi Fromwhattheysee
You see #jakarta right now

The city of everything
Hope, dream, desire, passion
Both love and hate this city
The cruel lovely city
I heart you Jakarta

Please be nice to us
To be a better home

@mncshop #iheartjkt #photocontest #mncshop

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hafiizh_alfarrisi #throughtheframe

What do you see through this frame?

An awesomeness? This awesomeness belongs to my friend, Dennis @silver2steal with my little touch.
I strongly suggest you all to FOLLOW him @silver2steal , go visit him and you will love this talented guy.

Keep it up dude.
I like this #throughtheframe series.

Have a good weekend everyone.

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hafiizh_alfarrisi #throughtheframe

This leg hashtag belongs to my good friend @_mattsteele_ from USA. Go visit his feed hehehe

Welcoming Ramadhan
Hello fasting month
Marhaban yaa Ramadhan

#webstapick #webstagram
#instagood #featuremeinstagood

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hafiizh_alfarrisi It's the end of today
Today adventure
About life you discover
It's the end of 3 days #liventure

Congratulation to the SKYACTIV TEAM who win this amazing journey

find out their 3 days #liventure on www.zoomzoomlane.com/liventure

Follow @MazdamotorID
And #BeAlive

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hafiizh_alfarrisi #instaxlent

Reading, coffee, and gramming.
Before watching World Cup 2014.
Germany VS USA.

Which side are you? Hehehe


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hafiizh_alfarrisi #foodgramming

Have a good lunch guys.
What about your lunch today?

For more #yummy #food photo please follow @makansampaikenyang and don't forget give hashtag #makansampaikenyang on your food photo.
Go visit @makansampaikenyang now. You will get some recommendation for lunch today and a surprise.

Also visit www.makansampaikenyang.com for more complete review.

Have a good day

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